Friday, November 19, 2010

Things I'm Adding to My Bucket List

After Wednesday’s post, I decided to give you a heads-up of some of the stuff I’d like to do before I die. In no particular order, of course.

1. Parasail over the ocean. Any ocean will do.

2. Check out Niagra Falls, maybe take a boat tour.

3. Get a tattoo (yeah, I know. So sue me!)

4. Scuba dive to a sunken ship. (This requires me learning how to scuba dive.)

5. Visit a pirate island, the Eifel Tower, the Lovre.

6. Eat Swiss chocolate in Switzerland, Danish in Denmark, and pizza in Italy.

7. Run a feather under the nose of one of the royal guards in London to see if I can make him sneeze.

8. Tour the White house, the Smithsonian(s), all the cool DC memorials, see the Declaration of Independence and the Liberty Bell.

9. Own a recreational boat. Like a ski boat or a sail boat. (I’d also have to learn how to drive said watercraft.)

10. Live in a house on a beach somewhere beautiful.

11. Send my children to college armed with the knowledge that I taught them to be independent. (Gulp.)

12. Learn how to make bread that actually rises.


What else? (I've already climbed a lighthouse and a volcano, met Elvis, and sang on Broadway, so no need to suggest those things.)


I just found this exchange on Facebook between my 12 year old daughter, Happy, and one of her friends. (And FYI, I did not instigate this--pretty sure she doesn't read my blog, at least not regularly.) I think I'm going to let them make my bucket list, because this one is awesome. (Also, I'm not going to edit at all--so you can see it exactly as they wrote it.)

Things we need to do before we die: 1. Fly to Hawaii 2.Go sky diving 3.Go outside singing Teenage dream at 5:00 a.m. 4. jump in a HUGE pool of jello 5. Smell a gangsta 6. meet eminem 7. THROW OUR HANDS UP IN THE AIR SOMETIMES AND SING AAAAYYYY OOHHH TASTE THE RAINBOW in the middle of a crowded store 8. Have a sleepover. ON THE MOON! 9.Eat Nolans cheese and 10. Live like its the end of the world, but DON'T get pushed off a roof. Even if the people say that the foam pit at the bottom will save you and it wont hurt at all.. yea.. I learned that the hard way.... 


More things we need to do before we die.... (Let's try to get to 100!)
11. Go swimming in the ocean(:

12. Eat pie with our face... and only our face.

13. Go on a road trip. :D

14. Try out for American Idol. (HAHAH! Because we are such grrrrreat singers!)

15. Jump in snow at 12 AM on New Years in our underwear(:

16. Duct tape each other to the sidewalk. ;)

17. Go sledding off a roof.

18. Sleep on the tramp.

19. Meet Taylor Lautner.

20. Kiss a llama.


 21. make a HUUUGEEE pizza 22. paint our faces black 23. throw pumpkins off of a building 24. read a book(JK) 25. pretend like we are spies 26. decorate a christmas tree 27. Run around the streets pushing a rolley computer chair 28. jump on the tramp in the rain 29. Climb up Mount Everest 30. Ride on a camel in Africa.


 31. Go to Dr. Suess' grave. 32. Go on a bike ride to Las Vegas. 33. Live like a hobo for a week. 34. Eat every box of cereal in your pantry. 35. Get trapped in a grocery store. 36. Dress up as Lady Gaga and go to a tire store and ask for glitter. 37. Shoot a squirrel. 38. Lay in the middle of the road and look at the stars. 38. Go to MEXICO! 39. Meet the cast of Jersey Shore. 40. Kiss a pig.


41. Eat a hippo 42. be in a Oscar Mier Wiener comercial 43. Lick a goat 44. Learn how to do the jerk 45. Go rock climbing.... In the winter. 46. Sing out HEARTS OUT! 47. Say I love you to 50 million random people 48. Go shopping. In Paris. 49. walk into the hot chocolate place called "Worlds greatest Hot chocolate" and congradulate all of the workers. 1 by 1. 50. Go scubadiving in the middle of Cuba.

~This is why I write for kids.~
**End of update**

**Don’t forget, you have until Midnight tonight (Mountain Time) to enter the contest to win a signed copy of LEVIATHAN.


lotusgirl said...

Those sound like fun things. I'd love to learn to Scuba dive. I've always wanted to dive the Great Barrier Reef.

Karlene said...

I need a new bucket list. I had one with 100 items on it when I was 16 and did all but 2. Hmmm. Gonna' think on this.

WindyA said...

I'm so with you on the tattoo! But I'm a scaredy cat. Though I do have some ideas ...

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Fun! I should write a post for my bucket list! Thanks for sharing! A tattoo? Are you sure? They HURT!! ;)

Stampmouse said...

i always find it interesting to read other peoples buckets lists.