Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Small Successes that Make All the Difference

The other day, I was watching my daughter play basketball. Her team was losing—badly—but even though the score was so uneven everyone knew there was no way they could come back and win, the girls played hard anyway.

They made some beautiful plays, scored a few three point shots, and came away smiling because they knew they’d played a good game. Even though they hadn’t won, they’d succeeded in something much more fundamental, and were able to celebrate their accomplishments.  For them, it wasn’t just about winning.

It made me think of my career as a writer. My journey has been every bit as rough as one of my daughter’s games. I’ve had lots of ups and downs, and even managed to score a few three pointers. Sometimes I feel like I’m ahead, and others I know I’m way behind. This game has not gone the way I envisioned it when I started out.

But regardless of all that, I have always been happy to celebrate the small successes that have led to bigger, more meaningful ones.

I’m still working, moving forward, reaching and striving for goals. I’m not yet where I intend to someday be. But weeks like this? Yeah, they remind me that this journey is sure a beautiful ride.

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1 comment:

L.T. Elliot said...

You and your story is one of the most inspirational to me. To watch you achieve dreams has really encouraged me to never give up. You've handled it all with such grace and celebration. You've played a good game, Nichole.