Wednesday, May 15, 2013

All the Things About Last Week

Holy wow, you will not believe how much crazy fun I’ve had since DESCENDANT was released on May 1st.

First, a flight to Utah for the release party here.
The King's English Book Shop
Lots of people came—the chairs filled and…

the line went out the door.

My publishers, Rhett and Emmaline Hoffmeister came.
And also my publishing sisters Donna K. Weaver and Michelle Davidson Argyle.

Next, a beautiful few days spent networking and a little bit of family visiting,

Cooking lessons with my oldest.
Dinner with these FABulous ladies! (Minus Raylene.)

Launch party pics still--I'm horrible about remembering to snap pics sometimes. But I spent time with all these people! 

And these people too.
And my good friend Windy.

and then this fabulous conference, where I presented.

Lots of catching up with my writing family.
A little visiting with each of these ladies.
Partying with Authors Incognito.
Photo courtesy of Heather Zahn Gardner
Reunion with my Utah critique group.

Photographer Heather Zahn Gardner and me,courtesy of well, Heather. 

Some eating on the job.

Fantastic looking group, yes?
Breakfast and lucky pie with Elana J.

Some silliness and book signing.

Some more catching up.

Debbie Davis and me.
Shopping and late nights with FAB #3. (Yes, this is an old pic too.)

And then Mother’s Day with my oldest son and both my mothers (bio and step) before heading back to Texas to the rest of my family, where I was greeted with these.

Lots of stuff in one week, yes? But so much amazing, my brain is still spinning. And now to get back to writing!

Don’t forget to stop by the Descendant blog tour stops for exclusive information, interviews, playlists, and excerpts—also for multiple chances to enter the MASSIVE contest. Don’t miss out! 


L.T. Elliot said...

What a wild, crazy busy week for you! But it looks simply wonderful! I'm glad you had so many good times, did so many fun things, and came home to a family beyond happy to see you. :D

Peggy Eddleman said...

So much awesome in one week! I hope we get to see you again before long.

Michelle D. Argyle said...

So much fun! So many friends! Love you and hope I get to see you again soon. *hugs*