Monday, May 6, 2013

Celebrate Good Times, Come On! (A massive DESCENDANT giveaway)

Yahoo. Dun dun dun dun dun dun…

*dances around the house where I’m staying*
*sees you looking*
*sheepishly blushing*

Oh, uh, yeah. Hi! So today is the beginning of the Descendant Blog tour, and that means PARTY! Also, FREE STUFF! Yep, that’s right. You are invited to visit any of the participating blogs, where you will have the opportunity to enter to win.

But, um, what do you win? Well.

Do you know what a galley is? It’s basically a printed, unbound copy of the book. Sometimes they have author notes and other doodles in them. Sounds cool, right? (Or lame—I don’t know. You tell me!) I will be giving away one complete doodled galley copy of DESCENDANT. IF we make the review goals, this will include the three bonus scenes I promised (but if we don’t make it, I can’t reveal them. Sorry!).

Also, because there are healing crystals involved in this story, I have a few of these beautiful healing crystals, which have been put into necklaces by my good friend Gail. I will give away Four of these.

But that’s not all! Oh no. My amazing friend Tova, has created some lovely, and oh-so-amazing healing body spray. And yes, it really does HEAL things. She also created these gorgeous DESCENDANT lip balms. (Tell me those aren’t the cutest things ever!) So I’m going to give away one bottle of healing spray and a lip balm as a package prize.

And also, I love the idea of packaging all these things together, so I will offer one more prize that includes a body spray, a lip balm, a healing crystal a signed poster, a wrist band, some bookmarks, AND… a doodled, signed galley segment that includes at least two chapters of DESCENDANT.

Sound good? Cool. Okay then. Go forth and enter, my friends! Good luck to you.

*Bloggers may enter as long as the entry doesn’t come from their own blog.
**Sadly, I need to restrict this giveaway to USA mailing addresses only.
***Contest runs from today, May 6, 2013-June 5th, 2013.
****You may enter once on each participating blog, but please be kind and leave the bloggers a comment. Thanks!

May 6    A Dream Within A Dream                   
              No Thought 2 Small                    
May 7    Coffee, Books,and Me                               
May 8    Cari's Book Blog    
May 9    My Passion for Books            
              Fire and Ice          
May 10  Krista's Dust Jacket           
               Basia's Bookshelf                    
May 13  Manga Maniac Cafe            
May 14  Romancing the Dark Side                                                             
May 15  Cari's Book Blog                                                              
              My Reading Room                                                                     
May 16 Views from Hobbit Hole                                                                 
              Me, My Shelf, and I                                                                                   
May 17 Books and Coffee                                                            
              An Avid Reader's Musing
             Bookworm's Multiverse 
May 20 Late Bloomer Online                             
May 21 Books of Love                                                                                   
May 22 Min's Read and Reviews                                            
May 23 Tarheel Bibilobabe                                
             Kathleen Brebes                  
May 24 Lily Pond Reads                   
May 27 Books and Coffee                  
May 28 Read-A-Holicz              
              Reading Lark               
May 29 Reader Girls                                                  
              My Bookish Fairytales         
May 30 Girls in the Stacks                    
May 31 Rex Robot Review      

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Anna Maria Junus said...

Dang! US addresses only. I'm probably physically closer to you than most people in the US. Blame it on the border thing.