Friday, March 22, 2013

Conquering the Fall

Have I ever told you all about my fear of falling? No? Hm. Seems like we’ve talked about jumping off of cliffs and stuff before, which is scary to me, but not quite as scary as shooting straight down into a tank of hammerhead sharks. Which I did recently.

It was ridiculously scary. I don’t think I’ve screamed that loud in, well, maybe ever. And I still can’t decide if not seeing the sharks because my eyes were closed is a loss or not. Because I came out with water in my brain, but otherwise alive.  I conquered my fear and did that freakishly scary thing which I will probably never try again. Because seriously, I am too young to have a heart attack.

This is what I did.
Leap of Faith
Atlanatis, Paradise Island (aka Nassau) Bahamas

Yes, it is as scary as it looks.

No, that is not me in the picture, and one does not exist. The experience exists now…only in my memory. *cue Titanic flashback* 

It's called the Leap of Faith, which I found appropriate, given the twists and turns my life has taken this year. I took the leap and checked this task off my bucket list. Now it’s your turn. What scary thing have you been up to?

**Note: If you’re looking for a contest, I haven’t forgotten! Check back on Monday for the first of several exclusive giveaways.   


Angie said...

Holy co! You are one brave cookie! I haven't really done anything scary lately. Guess it's time to try.

BrendaSue said...

I did the scary ones at Seven Peaks when I was in high school. I think that will pretty much count for the rest of my life (although there weren't any sharks...) :)