Sunday, March 24, 2013

Operation Bookmark Share! (Otherwise known as the first ever DESCENDANT contest.)

Okay people, I promised you a contest, and here we go!

A couple weeks ago, a box showed up at my door. Not a large box, mind, but a box with very awesome things inside.

Yes, that's right. My very first order of Descendant bookmarks.


What do you think? Pretty, yes?

They are the first of a few fun swag products I've ordered, and unfortunately, the only fun things to have arrived so far. But it's cool, because they lead in to my first contest.

In the interest in spreading the word about my book, I'm asking interested people to send me your name and mailing address (which I promise I will never use for anything other than the purposes of this contest) and your idea of a great location for where you are WILLING and able to drop a stack of Descendant bookmarks. It can be a library, a bookstore (with permission), a school where you work or teach--anywhere where you know there are people who read young adult literature.Heck, if you want to hand them out at a family reunion, or give them away on your blog--I'm cool with that. Be creative, but also be honest. Please don't accept this challenge and then throw the bookmarks away. I did have to buy them, after all.

The best part of this contest? Everyone wins. Yes, you read that right. EVERY single person who fills out the form below will receive (along with the giveaway stack) a numbered, signed bookmark from me. Also, once I mail said bookmarks, I will enter all your names into a random generator. One lucky winner will be the first to receive a free ebook copy of Descendant (when I have it to send). I'll leave this open from now until Friday, March 29th so that I'll have the weekend to package the stacks and hopefully send them on Monday, April 1st.

Sound good? Cool. Thanks for your help!

Don't forget to fill out THIS FORM so I can send YOU a stack of bookmarks.

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