Friday, January 25, 2013

Confronting the Things

In the previous post, I talked about small things, and how much harder everything else becomes when we try to cram in too much. It’s easy to say we’re going to cut out those small things, but not as easy to implement those changes. Every so often, this involves confronting people, or behaviors, or inner demons, or real ones  or whatever whatever.

Most of the time, I’d prefer to hide my head under a pillow and ignore the thing until it goes away. But. Doesn’t generally work, because when I remove the pillow the THING is still there. And it seems bigger. Like it grew when I wasn’t looking.  (It’s a THING in all caps.)

And then it’s harder to confront. But it still needs to be done. Vocally, physically, emotionally confronted.

*grumbles and whines*

It takes courage to speak up. To disagree. To *gulp* say no (especially when you originally said yes out of guilt or fear or whatever). But courage is one of those bricks we need. A really important one. So, it needs to be molded and fired to just the right shape.

I think I have that courage. But my well is running a little dry, so I’ll have to scoop way down to find it. But when I do, I’ll confront all the THINGS that consume me, and vanquish them. And then, my friends, I’ll figure out where to put the next brick.

What about you? Do you have a hard time confronting your THINGS? 


Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

It's all the small things that can build and sneak up on you. I'm glad that over time, I've confronted many of them. I still have many to go.

Angie said...

Things definitely get bigger if you ignore them, as I have learned the hard way!

Carolyn V said...

I totally have a hard time confronting my things...and they DO get bigger. I hate that!