Friday, December 21, 2012

10 Things that Make Me Happy at Christmas Time

1.       Time with my family
2.       The glow of softly twinkling lights lighting up the world
3.       Holiday music
4.       Hearing people wish complete strangers a merry Christmas (or happy holidays, or whatever)
5.       Reading holiday stories
6.       Wrapping thoughtful gifts in pretty paper
7.       Making and giving holiday treats
8.       Finding that perfect item to give a special person in your life
9.       Little children anticipating Christmas morning
10.   Being reunited with family members from far away.

My son is coming to town this weekend, and I am so excited to have my family all together for the first time since we left Utah. He’s never been to our new home in Texas, and I’m both nervous and excited to show him around. With the holiday and family time, please forgive me for not blogging next week.

I hope you have a beautiful, wonderful, fun-filled, merry Christmas. Sending you love from our little town in Texas!  

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L.T. Elliot said...

I love the random strangers wishing people Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays too. The world becomes a bit friendlier, a bit more happy.