Tuesday, November 13, 2012

An Ending and a New Beginning

This week, an important, lovely chapter of my life comes to an end. I have a lot of really great memories, some incredible life-long friends, a house I dreamed of owning, and an entirely excellent life.

While my friends will always be mine, and my life will continue to get more excellent, endings are never easy. But the thing about endings is that they are almost always followed by an entirely new beginning.

Twenty years ago TODAY, I married my best friend. A man who continues to be the most important person in my life, and who I would follow anywhere, without him even asking. Twenty years ago, after a ceremony and a really big party, we embarked on our very first huge, scary adventure together. 

Ironically, on the twenty-year anniversary of that first big commitment, we are once again jumping in with both feet and embarking on a second huge, scary adventure. 

That's right. 


Please forgive my absence for the next two weeks while we haul our cookies (and everything else we own--which is a crap-load of stuff) to Portland, Texas. 

Oh, and on a more personal note, I'd like to wish my honey a very happy anniversary. I'd do it all again in a blink. Twice. Or more. I love you! 

**I'll be back to blogging in December. Hope to see you then!


L.T. Elliot said...

Happy Anniversary!
Happy Moving Day!
Happy New Adventuring!
Happy...well, just happy!

Miss you already but I'm super excited to hear all about your new advenstures. :D

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Good luck! And congrats on everything!