Friday, September 7, 2012

Stepping Stones to Speeding Trains

This week, I’ve been thinking about progress, and how it never looks quite like you thought it would. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes it’s really good. Amazing even. And sometimes, not so much. But good or amazing or terrible, progress forces us to move.

Whether we’re moving forward or backward or sideways, we’re MOVING, and that’s important. Because even when we’re sliding backward, it gives us an opportunity to try to move forward again. Sometimes, it’s the backward movement that helps us to find a path we missed the first time, or one we saw, but passed up. And maybe that path is the right path, so maybe we’ll keep sliding, keep coming back to it until we finally give it a try.

And if that path happens to be right, chances are that once you finally take it, everything else will change. Life will open up in unexpected ways.

If and when that happens, you don’t spend your time wondering what took you so long, or regretting how far back you had to slide to get to that place (or, at least, you shouldn’t). Instead, you focus your energies on holding on tight, because with all the experiences you’ve collected along the way now behind you, there’s an extreme force propelling you forward, and you may not be used to your new rate of speed.

But wow, it’s going to be a heck of a ride!

At least, that’s my experience. What about you? When is the last time you took a path you’ve been avoiding?


Stina Lindenblatt said...

OMG with my last book, not only did I use stepping stones, I had to backtrack quite a few times and try out different routes to get to my goal. I'm hoping this time I've got the route right and it will be a quicker journey. (Did that even make sense??? It's only 5:42 am. My brain isn't on yet) :)

Angie said...

That's so true, Nichole. In many aspects of life. Great post!

J.R. Johansson said...

So, so true! And I so love watching friends take off! :)