Friday, July 27, 2012

The Body Language of Love

Last Friday I talked about the TV show Lie To Me, and a bit about the body language of lying. So I thought this week I’d counteract that post with a similar one about something a little more positive. Something like, I don’t know, how about the little tells that let us know someone loves us?

Only this time, I’m not using a TV show as a reference. *gulps*

Okay. A handful of tells. A softness of face, light in eyes when one person looks at another. Touch. The magnetic pull that draws one person to another. Leaning (you know what that is, right?). Defensive reactions to the looks or comments of others. A certain willingness to sacrifice certain personal comforts (or safety).

I’m a naturally affectionate person. A hugger, if you will. To me, touch is part of personalizing a relationship. So keep that in mind. And I think that the way one person touches another is a huge tell. Proprietary touches versus friendly touches versus, well, a handshake. There’s a definite difference.

What do you think? Can you see how someone loves another by the way they act or interact with each other? How?


Jemi Fraser said...

Agreed! Body language tells you so much about a person's emotions - and the eyes give things away so quickly! And those private smiles that couples exchange can be killer! :)

Stampmouse said...

Sometimes through little things looks and touches