Sunday, July 10, 2011

Totally Awesome Harry Potter Blog Party and Contests.

Okay, peeps, I know it’s Sunday, and I usually take Sundays off, but I have to make an exception this week. As you know (or should know—if you don’t, have you been living in space or something?) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 2 is coming out way soon, and I’m joining a huge online party to celebrate.

Guess what? You’re invited to play! I'm a sponsor, so you’ll want to be sure to come visit my blog on TUESDAY—which is another day I don’t usually post. (Clearly, I’m feeling rebellious this week!) I will be giving away another $10 iTunes giftcard so the winner can purchase Harry Potter media (music, MP4 movies, audio books, etc).

Here are the basic deets:

Our party starts on Monday, July 11th and goes through Friday, July 15th.

Here are some basic instructions. At the very end, I'll tell you how you can get started earning entries for prizes today!

How do you participate?

• Visit Inksplasher every day of the party and play our Party Games!

• There will be multiple posts and ways to enter to win each day, with specific instructions, deadlines, and actions posted—so read each post carefully.

• Most posts/entries will require you to email your name AND COMPLETE MAILING ADDRESS to kbrowning59 [at] gmail [d0t]com .

• Don’t worry, all personal info will magically disappear at the end of the contest. You won’t be added to any spam lists. Promise.

• All winners will be chosen using and announced on the Inksplasher blog.

• Every daily entry also gives you a chance at the Grand Prize.

Party Games:

Harry’s Hunt for the Horcrux:
Since Harry and the gang will be searching for horcruxes and following clues, we’ll be doing the same, with an online scavenger hunt. Each day we’ll feature a sponsor and a question. Visit the sponsor’s blog or website, follow the clues to find the answer to their question, comply with any additional instructions, then e-mail the answer to the question to me. Each entry in this contest will enter you to win the sponsor’s prize AND the Grand Prize.

Hermione’s Hogwarts Trivia Test:
Always the source of trivial facts and information, Hermione will be matching wits with us. She’ll post a new Hogwarts trivia question each day. Your entry in this contest will enter you to win a Harry Potter Trivia Bingo Game* AND the Grand Prize.

Fred & George’s Magical Mix-Ups:
When you mix magic and teenagers, your bound to get some hilarious results. Each day there will be a wacky adventure (see our Chasing Twilight party), with it’s own set of rules specific to that post. Each entry in this contest will enter you to win a Harry Potter Bingo Game* (this is a visual bingo game, not the trivia bingo) AND the Grand Prize.

We have two Party Games that are on-going and you can start NOW!

The Daily Prophet Party Game:
Simply do something to help spread the word about Inksplasher’s Totally Awesome Harry Potter Blog Party. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

Ron’s Read-a-Thon:
Read the Harry Potter books or watch the previous movies. This contest is retroactive to January 1st, 20011. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

See you soon!

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