Monday, July 11, 2011

One Day Special: Win the Coolest Prize Ever

Well. Clearly, this is a week for contests. Because while tomorrow I will be jumping into this Deathly Hallows, Part 2 celebration, today I am having a one-day only hurry and throw me an answer giveaway.

Because Saturday was my birthday, and I feel like giving away fun stuff to my friends. Also, I don’t have a clue what to blog about right now, because my brain is still full of cheese and chocolate fondue from The Melting Pot. So why not just give stuff to people, right?

Tomorrow’s contest will be easy, so because of that, I think today’s will have to be harder. BUT it will be worth it. Because the winner will come away with a handful of very fun prizes.

Check these out!
 Okay, what you're looking at is probably the most random collection of prizes I've ever given away. But they all have a story. Well, all except that giant Tootsie Roll paper clip. I probably just bought it because it was cool. So, the dolphin bookmark (plush, by the way) came from Sea World, the wooden surfboard bookmark came from Hawaii, and the sombrero-guy pen came from San Antonio. At some point (as you can see) I used to buy this stuff every time I went somewhere. But then I never gave them away until now. So. Also, to sweeten the deal, I'm going to throw in a bag of these.

You know you’re dying to win this prize!! (Because who wouldn't want a bunch of useless, but silly stuff like this?)

So here is the question with a little lead up info: Two Julys ago, for my birthday my husband got me the most fabulous pink netbook (which I still use for hours EVERY DAY). Last year, he got me a Kindle (which I also use quite a lot). What could he have given me this year that could compete with those two gifts and make me squeal with delight? (Freebee: It’s NOT an iPad. Hint: it will be good for my career as a writer, and will make me most happy around mid-August.)

Just throw your answers into a comment and tomorrow, I’ll tell you who (if anyone) wins!

*dances around in excitement*


Mary Campbell said...

He got you voice recognition software. Probably not, but it's something I really want. Hope you had and awesome birthday.

Matthew MacNish said...

Registration for a conference? I have no idea. I'm stumped by the mention of August.

Anonymous said...

A conference for writers, or one of those nifty little eletronic writers you can take with you that is like a netbook but more for just writing books on mine doesn't even have internet access. I can't remember the names of them!!

Riv Re said...

I'm going to guess a conference of sorts.
Or, and this is me going out on a limb, because I have no idea what kind of genres you write, Renaissance Fair? (I know that that's one thing I want to go to this year!)

Thanks for the giveaway, and happy birthday!

Peggy Eddleman said...

Something to do with WriteOnCon? Other than that, I'm stumped. I have a netbook, and I think it's the greatest gift EVER. Can't really think of anything that could top that....