Friday, July 8, 2011

Live to Recognize Yourself

Recently, I had an opportunity to visit with an out-of-town relative I haven’t seen in several years. Because of some medical issues, this relative’s appearance has changed considerably since I saw her last, and as a result, she has hidden herself from the world, refusing to even visit the family members who love her regardless of outward appearances.

When I asked her why she’d chosen this path, she explained, “No one recognizes me.”

To which I replied, “I did.”

And I had. The minute she opened the door (I kind of had to push my way in) I recognized her as the cousin I’ve loved my whole life. (Yes, my whole life—she’s older than me by a month.) And those feelings hadn’t changed, even though we both had.

Everyone changes. The whole world changes. Just look at global warming and earthquakes and volcanoes, and climate shifts, and floods. Look at how environments, and people, and economy, and style, and everything and everyone on the planet changes. IT HAPPENS! Nothing ever stays the same as it was yesterday.

But love is everlasting. So I couldn’t understand why my beautiful, vibrant cousin had chosen to put her life on hold to hide from the rest of the world.

It made me wonder. Think. Ponder. When something bad happens to us, do we roll over and die? Do we give up and stop living? Or do we adjust, pick ourselves up and live?

I think the answer should be simple. Not easy, necessarily, but simple. And also complex. We live for ourselves. First, and always ourselves. Then for those we love. And absolutely last—always—for those strangers who might see and not recognize us.

Who are you living for?


Matthew MacNish said...

I live mainly for my kids, but also myself, and my dog. Someone has to feed her and take her out to poop.

But seriously? I think you make a good point. There is one thing that never changes, and that is the soul. You can love almost anyone if you can find a connection to their human spirit.

Suan said...

i live for my three wonderful kids :)