Friday, February 18, 2011

Change It? No Thanks.

Change? No Thanks.

Sometimes I think the world is an exhausting place to be. I hear myself vent or complain about my teenagers and how they know just how to schedule out my time to their liking, and how tiring it is to be the parent. How I don’t know when I can possibly fit one more thing into my daily life.

But then, I think back to my teenage years. And I remember.

Being a teenager is exhausting too.

And painful.

And huge. So huge.

Whether they understand it or not, my teens are at the baseline of life, where they make some of their most crucial decisions, learn some of their hardest lessons, and where they become the people they will be as adults.

And even though I have three teens, an almost-teen, a crazy-busy husband, and my own life, I realize that there will never be a time more confusing and full of angst, than the one my kids are currently experiencing.

The ups. Are high.

The downs. Are low.

The disappointments devastating. And at the same time freeing.

There are certain things that I—the mother—can make better. But there are others—will always be others—that I cannot. Would I keep it from them? Some days, I wish I could. But then I look at who they are now, and how they got here, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Even on the days when I’m exhausted. After all, that’s what naps are for.


Shari said...

I have three teens and a pre-teen, too. It is exhausting for all of us. It IS good to remember that life is tough for them. I love being their mom, even through all the very high ups and very down lows.

Tess said...

amen. being a mom is hard but being a GOOD, INVOLVED mom is super-crazy-hard.

still, it is worth it.

your kiddos are lucky you get that.

LeishaMaw said...

It is exhausting, but you're right, I wouldn't change a thing. :)