Monday, February 21, 2011

Prejudice? Who Are You Really?

If this post is live, then it's official. I'm out of town with my daughter's soccer team and didn't have time (or Internet connection) to schedule my blog posts for the week. It's entirely possible that I'm soaking in rays of sun while the rest of you are dealing with winter weather. It's also entirely possible that I'm freezing my tail off watching soccer in the rain. Depends on Mother Nature's mood, I suppose.

*crosses fingers and pays homage to the sun goddesses* Pleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease!

But rather than leave you all hanging (since I know you live and die by my every post--not) I'm going to leave you with a question, which you may feel free to answer and discuss. (I will join in as possible--probably when I get home.)

For the sake of plotting (or not, if you want) let's talk about prejudices of a personal nature. What kind of preconceived prejudices have you (or someone you know) experienced and how did you overcome the long term effects of this not-so-accurate portrayal of what others think of you, in juxtaposition to who you really are?

*swirls fingers in a circle* Discuss. Enjoy. Contemplate.

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