Monday, November 8, 2010

Who Doesn't?

I promise to not make a habit of chronicling everything I do when I’m not blogging, but dudes, I had the most awesome weekend (with the exception of a sick little boy and a trip to the ER—that was not awesome.)

Thursday was the beginning of the first ever Authors Incognito writers retreat. (In case you don’t already know, Authors Incognito is the totally fab writers group of which I am a member.) Along with my good friend Danyelle Ferguson, I was kind-of-sort-of in charge. We planned this retreat in conjunction with NaNoWriMo, and held it at a cabin in the mountains of Park city, UT, hoping that we’d all get tons of writing done. Which we did. (Collectively 130,000 + words in two and a half days! My portion of that was 9,000.)

Plus, it was good inspiration to spend a couple days in the company of so many other writers. Lots and lots of fun. And FYI, my NaNo project is off to a really good start.

After leaving the retreat, I joined my Fab Five friends (for lack of a better group name) at a benefit auction, where we listened to (and rocked out with) Nathan Osmond.

Unfortunately, just as the live auction was about to start, I was needed at home and had to leave in a hurry. (Sadly, the need at home involved a trip to the Instacare, and then on to the ER, where we were stuck until after 1:00 am for an appendicitis scare. Don’t worry, though, all is well now.)

Anyway, leaving the auction meant I missed the funnest part, wherein that same Fab Five (or, actually, four of the five) got caught up in the excitement of bidding and ended up buying a vacation package (for five) to Mazatlan, Mexico.

I received the good news via text and Facebook. Made the hospital experience not nearly so frustrating. (And yes, I was surprised. But not shocked. Cuz. Yeah. Nothing shocks me when it comes to them.)

Why am I telling you all this? Because I realized something this weekend. There will always be things to do, people who need your attention, and responsibilities to handle. But sometimes, in order to deal with those things, you have to take some time to really live and just be happy. When we are happy, we are our best selves.

And who doesn’t love being happy?


Angela Felsted said...

Mexico, hurray! And good job on those 9,000 words.

lotusgirl said...

Wow. What a weekend! You have some great writing support out there. Glad to hear the son is okay.

WindyA said...

so glad the boy is doing well! sick is definitely better than surgery.

and lucky girl, mazatlan!

ali said...

I love being happy! Up with happy!

So glad to hear your dude is on the mend and didn't need surgery.

And congrats on NaNo AND the win! Sweet!

Carolyn V. said...

I'm glad everything went okay for your little guy!

Congrats on your win! That is so cool. =)

Angie said...

Glad your little boy is okay! The retreat looks like it was incredible, and wow a trip to Mazatlan. That just rocks! I'm trying hard to be happy, but two sleepless nights along with the time change...It's hard today.

Stephanie Abney said...

Your Authors Incognito writers retreat sounds wonderful. I love writing retreats. And Mexico sounds sweet too. Love going there (in fact, my daughter and her family live there). So, this is me, Stephanie Abney, commenting on one of your "awesome" posts so I can be part of your contest. I already signed up as "follower" and we are already friends on FB. Take care and best wishes with your new book - and I now hope to have several "entries" for your contest as I will next post on FB AND then my blog - wow - you are getting the full treatment from me. :)