Friday, September 10, 2010

Good News Minute--All Weekend Long

Okay people. If you’re a regular reader, you don’t need to be told what brought this on. If you’re not a regular reader, you should be (for shame!). Scroll down and catch up. Anyway, after everything, I’ve decided it’s officially time for some really good news.

There’s this thing with the ladies in my church where we take a minute to let anyone and everyone share good news or exciting things that have happened during the week. I don’t often speak up, because my brain isn’t fast enough, my hand doesn’t shoot up quick enough, or my tongue is just plain too slow in catching up with my thoughts. My bad.

I believe we create our own moods, our own circumstances even, through positive thought and happy energy. Therefore, I am officially declaring this weekend a good news weekend. I want to hear your good news and know that positive, happy things are happening all over the place in the world. September is going to be a fantabulous month.

I’ll start.

1. Even though the air has become cooler in the last week, the sun is shining bright and warm in Utah, and the sky is clear. I’m driving around with my convertible top down.

2. My husband found my very favorite, and extremely hard to find, dressing / bread-dipper on the shelf at a local grocery store the other day. (Score!)

3. Going to dinner and a movie with my bestest non-writing girlfriends tonight. Can’t WAIT!

4. In just over a week, I will be driving across the country with my husband to take him to a lengthy specialized training course in Quantico, VA. I’ll leave him there and fly home, and yes, we’ll miss him, but this is really great opportunity. And going to be an incredible drive.

**Update** I almost forgot this fun bit of news as well.

5. Tomorrow, I'm going to be hanging out with some of my bestest writing friends at The Kings English for Kirsten White's Paranormalcy event. I love those kinds of days.

Okay, now it’s your turn to share your good news. Starting…NOW!


Christine Fonseca said...

I'm a firm believer in postive thinking...and my good news, I am planning a party - which I LOVE doing and haven't done in a long time. So yeah...HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY

lotusgirl said...

Yea for the good new minute. I'm in YW so I never get to do it. My good news is that my hubby and I are going to see Tony Bennett tonight. I'm looking forward to hearing him in person.

WindyA said...

So excited for you for the cross-country drive. What an adventure! I expect lots of updates and pictures when you're back!

Have a great time at girls' night! That's always fun!

My bestest news to share this week? According to the docs, my heart looks "totally perfect!" woohoo!

Angie said...

It's my birthday! (Is that good news? Yes. I am not yet forty.) My parents are coming to spend a week with us and take care of our sorely neglected deck. Hooray! Love you're good news, too. Hope you have a great drive.

ali said...

I love your good news! What movie are you going to see tonight?

My good news is, I'm going to hang out with my favorite WRITING friends tomorrow at Kiersten White's Paranormalcy signing! I have a feeling a really cute, petite redhead will be there too. ;)

CL Beck, author said...

Enjoyed your good news. Hope you have a wonderful time on the trip across country!

My good news ... We hiked to the Y on the hill above BYU this weekend! Steep, steep climb. It felt great to get there, and worth the sore muscles and extreme thirst. :)

Jenn Wilks said...

Sorry I haven't been frequenting lately. My bad! :o) I am going through and catching up, though, and this post caught my eye. I think I'll have a good news minute on my blog too. :o)