Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Random Stuff I'm Thinking About

1. If you let it, life will pass you by. So take action, pay attention, and live now. You never know when your tomorrows will come to an end.

2. Everything we experience in life is a lesson learned. The difference for writers (and also musicians) is that we take those lessons and share them with others through our work. Sorry friends and family, you’re all liable to end up in a book or story at some point. That’s just how it works.

3. It’s okay to have a great idea for a book or plot or character while nothing else in your head gels as coherent. Sometimes, that’s how it goes. Take it when it comes.

4. Just about when you want to quit, you realize you couldn’t if you tried. So you take a little nap and then keep going.

5. Thanks to social networking, news (good or bad) spreads with super-lightening speed. (Big, huge thanks to everyone who has sent words and thoughts of sympathy and kindness this last week. They’ve all been much appreciated.)

6. Ben and Jerry’s makes the best ice cream, barely beating out Häagen-Dazs, who makes a really good mango sorbet. (Thanks, Becky!)

7. Retail therapy only works for stress. It doesn’t necessarily help with grief, unless you’re shopping at a bookstore. Otherwise, you’re better off going to a movie.

8. Sometimes it takes a wedding or a funeral to bring out all the family members you haven’t seen in years. Why is that? And can it be changed? And while I’m on the subject, why does it take a family tragedy to remind us to tell the important people in our lives how much we love and appreciate them?

Anything else that should be on my mind? I’m trying to get back on track, so help me out here.


Christine Fonseca said...

I love your randomness - especially number 4 and 6! I left something for you on my blog...hugs...

WindyA said...

<3 you :)

Great post, great reminders. There's nothing wrong with napping every now and again, and maybe following that up with a movie is helpful to boost your spirits too. Top that off with ice cream and wow ... some trifecta!

Taffy said...

#8 always makes me wonder too. I liked Tuesdays With Morrie for that reason. We should celebrate more but we let life get busy with too much busy work.

Hang in there! I've been thinking of you and sending you peaceful love.

Janet Johnson said...

#8 . . . such great questions. We sure forget things easily don't we. That's why I really admire people who have their priorities straight.

Hope you're doing better.

ali said...

I love #3 and #4. Sometimes, when my heart is heavy, dreaming up a new story or character is exactly the sort of therapy I need. ((hugs))

Carolyn V. said...

You said everything that is important. I couldn't agree more with #4.

Elana Johnson said...

Oooh, Ben and Jerry's for the win! I especially like their Chunky Monkey. Mmmm.