Friday, August 13, 2010

Life, Guilt, and Realistic Goals

Okay. I don’t know if I mentioned it here or not, but I have this personal deadline to get my current work in progress finished by the first week in September (was end of August, but I’m allowing a week of leeway). This means I need to write fresh and/or edit 50-60,000 words, including a climax and ending. (When I say edit, I don’t mean polish. We’re talking finishing a rough draft here.)

So when I have weekends like this past one, I have some guilt. I accomplished a lot of things, but not much writing at all. Life just didn’t allow for it. And on the one day when I should’ve had time, I was so exhausted and achy, I actually took a nap. (I know, I should be imprisoned.)

But I still intend to finish this book. How? I have no idea. I just will. I’ll give up some pool time (yikes, did I just say that?) and probably some sleep (eek!) but I’ll finish this draft.

And I will let go of the guilt I’ve been feeling when I take an hour to go to the pool, or to take my children shopping. Or to take a much needed nap. Because here’s the thing. Writing, like everything else, requires some basic brain function, which begins to shut down if you never take a break, never get any sleep, and never spend time with your loved ones.

So guilt-be-gone. Even writers need a good, solid dose of realism every so often.

What are some things you’ve given up in order to write?


Angie said...

Guilt is generally pretty useless, and naps are good. I wouldn't survive without naps. Keep going! Even if you don't make your deadline, you'll be that much closer, right?

Things I've given up for writing: TV watching, housework, sleep.

ali said...

Yep, life is crazy like that.

You've got a pretty heft goal there, but I believe you can do it. I KNOW you can.

AND one should never feel guilty for being alive--for living life. So live it, have fun and then ... WRITE!!!

*go nichole*go nichole*go nichole*

Carolyn V. said...

Laundry. I've gave up laundry for a couple weeks to write. My kids had to inform me that they didn't have pants and would soon be wearing their swimsuits everywhere. I started doing laundry again. =) Don't feel guilty Nichole. There are always things that need to be put on the back burner when writing. =)