Monday, August 16, 2010

One Small Idea

I spent most of last week online attending a virtual writer’s conference known as WriteOnCon What a great experience for me and all the other attendees. And what an amazing thing these organizers have accomplished.

They started with an idea, grabbed it by the horns and took off with it. By thinking outside the box, they managed to bridge the gap between 11,000 authors, agents, and editors across the globe. And next year it will most definitely only get bigger.

Why would they do such a thing? They all have agents, and most of them are working on book deals, or have books being released in the next year or two. They didn’t create this conference for themselves. They did it because they believe in paying it forward. This is their way of serving the writing community. Of giving back to the world. This is their way of reaching out to other authors and saying, “Here, let me give you a hand.”

And it has nothing to do with selling their books. But because of their efforts, books will sell. It’s a side effect, but not the reasoning behind the plan. For them, it’s about service. And maybe a little about Karma. It’s about a community of people taking hands and holding onto each other to make sure every single person has the means and ability to make it to the top.

It leaves me wondering what more I can do to help others around me. Am I stuck thinking inside the lines, too afraid to venture out and do bigger things? Are you? I don’t think service has to include thousands the way it did for these particular authors. It could just be one person. One person for whom you can make a difference.

There’s no way to know who will be that person for you, so all you can do is try every day to pay it forward to someone, to do something for another person, and eventually, it will come back. A side effect of something bigger and better than you ever realized.

All it takes is one small idea. Think about it.


Christine Fonseca said...

I was thinking about this this morning as well - how can I help others. I do allday in my professional life. But I don't know that I do that in my writing life enough...

Hmm....must stew!

Mary Campbell said...

Thank you for this post - very nicely put. Writeoncon was awesome and those who put it together are rock stars. The best part is they did because like you said they just wanted to give back. I'll need to think on this - I don't ever do enough.

WindyA said...

pass it forward. something we should all think about in all aspects, i think.

Angie said...

Great thoughts, Nichole. I was so excited when an old friend sent me a message of Facebook last week asking if I'd read his Urban Fantasy novel for him. I didn't even know he was a writer or harbored that dream. I feel glad to be able to help him out.

Taffy said...

Good reminder, Nicole. I was amazed at all the work for WriteOnCon! It was fantastic. I kept following you around in the critique forums. So you did pay it forward!

ali said...

This is beautiful Nichole. And I totally agree! I've actually been thinking about my blog-reading as a small form of service. I know it feels like love when people read my blog and comment. So I try to read people's blogs and to comment to let them know that I appreciate them.

It's *super* small, but it's what I can do right now. I am, however, open to the BIG IDEA and am ready to grab the bull as soon as he shows up!

Carolyn V. said...

I love this Nichole! I think it's amazing how they've passed on the info that have helped them get to where they are. I just hope I can do the same.

Nichole Giles said...

Good point, Christine! We should think this way in all aspects of life, not just one or a few.I should've thought of that.

Hi Mary! I think you do a lot. Sometimes I think we don't give ourselves enough credit for all the little things.

Windy, Yep, you're right. In all aspects of life.

Nichole Giles said...

Thanks Angie. Sounds like you're in for something similar to me. I have three of those manuscripts to read. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time. But the good news is that you'll be blessed for helping your friend.

Thanks, Taffy! It really was a great conference.

Ali, you're right. It is like love when people comment! So thanks for sharing the love. I know I need to be better about taking time to read blogs. Maybe now that I'm cutting back on some other things I'll feel more free to do that!

And hey, maybe we'll come up with that big idea together. I'll take one horn and you can take the other, right?

Carolyn, it is amazing. And believe it or not, you're an inspiration just by being. I think anyone who can smile all the time while raising teens, running a household, writing, and working on a degree is A.Maz.Ing! That's you.