Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

Well, okay. Not really a chicken dinner. But it got you here, right? Well. Anyway. I've officially finished the spreadsheet, done the math, and praised the geniuses who created random.org to discover who is the lucky preliminary winner for the Original Office Box and Wrong Number book launch contest.

The winner will receive a free, autographed copy of my new book, The Sharp Edge of a Knife, and her information is being passed onto the contest chair person, Rachelle, to be entered into the big drawing of an Original Office Box.

And the winner is...

Queen of Chaos

Who's winning entry number was the result of this blog. Notice how she included links and my book cover. Great job, your Highness!

Clapclapclapclapcheercheerclapclapclapdancesingclapcheerclapdancesingclapcheer! Congratulations on winning. I've emailed the queen, and requested her mailing information asap. If I don't hear from her within 24 hours of that email, another winner will be drawn. 

Thanks for playing. Don't forget to enter my most recent contest here, for a chance to win more free stuff.

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Jen said...

How exciting!!!!! Congratulations to the winner!!