Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Leaps of Faith and World Domination

I don't know about the rest of you, but lately I feel like every part of my life has become a giant leap of faith.

And by that I mean jumping off a cliff with no idea what I'm doing, but screaming, "Oh hey, I think this looks fun, let's try it and I hope I don't die!"

We bought a house today. A nice house that I love. And I am very excited and nervous and worried and anxious and ... I've owned houses before. I've been in debt for like, EVER. Like the majority of people in the world. This is not a new thing for me. But after moving back to Utah from Texas this last summer, I feel like every thing we do, every choice we make (as a family) is an enormous undertaking. And that's not wrong.

Every day that passes is a day that we will never get back. And every choice is one less that we get to make tomorrow. Sometimes those choices are made using a great deal of thought and calculation. And other times it's a total guessing game. Those are the times when I try to go with my gut, and my heart. Because those two--when they're on speaking terms--tend to know what they're doing.

I try to apply this to my writing too. I suck at outlining, and to be honest, I rarely stick with them. Instead, I get to know my characters and let them take me on the journey that belongs to them. Because isn't that what we do in reality anyway?

My point is that it's okay that we can't see the future. If we could, life wouldn't be nearly as interesting. And neither would the stories we are here to tell.
Every minute and every story is just one more little leap of faith. Today I jumped back into home-ownership. Tomorrow maybe I'll finish another book. The next day ... well. World domination is always an option.

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