Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This Week and That and Also the Next

You know every once in a while when you have that week where everything kind of runs together? When you are so crazy busy that you forget what day it is, and all your deadlines are cut down to the very last second and you forget silly things like scheduling blogs and eating breakfast?

That week is happening right now for me. It's FINALLY time for my all-time favorite writer's conference, the annual LDStorymakers conference in Utah.

I'm already in the state, finishing last preparations and squeezing in as much visiting as possible. This actually involves planning down to precise minutes in some cases. It's a good thing, trust me.

And good news! Despite a few troubles with the printing company, my copies of BIRTHRIGHT have arrived! I will have them at the conference. Also, I've been watching Amazon, Barnes and NobleiBooks, and Kobo, and am seeing the links pop up live in all of them now. Even the paperback is available. You can officially buy BIRTHRIGHT at your favorite online retailer and start reading.

If you do, and you enjoy it, please consider leaving a review. As much as we authors wish it wasn't so, reviews make a huge difference in the sales of a book. Plus, if you do, and you come back here and leave me a link, I will send you a signed, double-sided bookmark.

I may not remember to post next Tuesday, since I am heading home that day, but if you follow me on social networks, I'll try to post pictures of my journey. Or at least of the conference. Or other interesting things. Like the wildebeest that tried to eat me last week. (Yes, that is how it's spelled.) I'm just random like that.

Happy spring!

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