Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In Which I (possibly) Skipped Church and Ended Up Chasing a (real life) Criminal

So … There’s this thing that happened. And it was a one of those things that people think only happens in movies or books—and most of the time that’s probably true.  Unless, of course, you’re married to the Chief of Police in your town. (And actually, even when he wasn’t the chief, stuff like this happened to us—so yeah. Maybe it’s more about being married to a cop? We have been known to apprehend shoplifters at the grocery store with our cart half-way full and our ice cream melting. But I digress.)

Back to this particular Sunday. I work with the young women in our church, and it was my turn to teach the lesson. My plan included asking a lot of questions that would require responses from the girls, which meant I needed candy with which to bribe / reward them. So after the larger congregation meeting, my husband and I skipped our next class for a gas station run.

My husband’s personal car is also his duty car, which means our Tahoe has red and blue LED lights and a police radio installed, and the radio is always on whenever we’re in our town. We had just left the gas station and were heading back to church *coughcough* when dispatch notified the on-duty officers that county officers were in pursuit of a suspect (read: suspected carjacker) who had just driven into our town, crashed his first stolen car, and then stolen a second one.

The suspect was less than a mile from us. And being the chief, my husband needed to make sure everything went smoothly with this pursuit, since safety is always an issue. And so the LEDs went on, as we zipped between streets, passing a number of seemingly stunned onlookers, and a number of vehicles which the suspect had crashed into before he took off and fled on foot.

At that point, my husband armed himself and put on his bullet-proof vest as he instructed me to take his car and go back to church. But the foot chase didn’t last long, and with the help of concerned citizens who kept him in sight, officers apprehended the suspect and took him into custody before I could adjust the driver’s seat so I could reach the gas pedal. 

My husband returned to the car. “I’m going to be a while dealing with these accidents. Why don’t I take you back to church?”

Sunday school just got a whole different meaning.

“Well,” I said, feeling rather accomplished, considering that it was before noon. “My car is there, and so are our kids.”

And so back to the church I went. And guys, believe it or not, I made it in time to teach my lesson. Not only that, I learned one myself. Next Sunday we should probably skip the gas station run. Unless we plan to fight other Sunday afternoon crimes. If only I could remember where I put my cape…

*Interested in the real news story? You can watch the clip here or read about it here.


Michelle D. Argyle said...

HAH! Oh my gosh, you need to write a book with this kind of stuff on it. Did you tell those girls in your class what happened? That would probably get them talking even more than the candy, hahah. :)

Jolene Perry said...

I love you a little for making a gas station run during church.
my husband was a cop and is now at the DAs office. I swear the CRAZIEST stuff happens when he's the one on call... The CRAZIEST.
We will definitely need to chat more...lol.
This is a great story, BTW.