Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Totally Random Thoughts (October 2013 Edition)

Fear happens when we have something to lose. So how brave would we be if we believed—even for just one day—that we would win?

Trust is a gift of faith that is, more often than not, destroyed by imagination and insecurity, rather than reality.

A hero is someone who you know will always show up for you, even when they can’t necessarily save you or your world.

The most popular TV shows, movies, and books elicit strong emotions from people watching/reading. It is those strong emotions, along with strong questions, that keep us those characters in our heads, feeding our need to continue returning to watch the next episode, sequel, or volume. Or, barring that, it feeds our desire to continue watching or reading things by those same creators.

Sometimes a walk on the beach or a drive to nowhere is the best way to see the best parts of the world.

Any thoughts you’d like to add?

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