Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Let the Countdown Commence in Three, Two, One…

That’s right people. There are three days left in October. Halloween is only two days away, which means I will stock up on delicious, horribly non-nutritious snacks which I will desperately need for the month to follow.

No, I will not be trick-or-treating, and I don’t believe my children will either. Sadly, I fear we may be past that phase of life.


In lieu of the trick-or-treat stash, I shall be making the trek to Sam’s Club (because there is no Costco closer than three hours) to buy a giant bag of sugar-filled junk, and then I will dress up and sit on my porch to hand out half of it. The other half will be greedily and desperately stashed. I’m seriously going to need it. (Just like I needed all those adverbs!)

That’s right. The month following Halloween? November. Otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month. (At least, in America. I don’t know about my foreign friends, but hey—I think this could be a global thing. Anyone can participate!)

I have a few ideas, and two or three or six books that need to be written. So yeah. I plan to draft one of them in November. Please bear with me if I neglect this blog (though it’s not currently in the plans) and definitely stop by on November 6th to enter in a massive, super fun contest to celebrate the release of the second edition of DESCENDANT, which also includes BONUS material.

This means that a whole LOT Of writers and authors will be signing out of social networking and neglecting blogs, housework, family, and holiday decorating in order to write entire novels in thirty days or less. Me included.

If you’re participating, friend me on the NaNoWriMo site. If not, enjoy your relaxing, craze-free November. It’s good to know the rest of the world still functions while we create worlds and then blow them asunder.

Let the countdown commence…


J. A. Bennett said...

I keep going between three stories too! I'll end up writing something, I just don't know what yet, haha :)

Taffy said...

I have one story outlined. I hope to get a lot written on it next month!