Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Horizons and Unique Journeys

Since I first started writing—actually no, strike that—since I first decided to write for a career, I’ve paid close attention to the stories of other writers. When I say stories, I mean their personal stories, not the stories publishers are buying. I’ve paid attention to their real-life journeys.

I admit, there have been times when I wondered what my journey will look like, and if I’ll ever be one of those people with a personal story that is unique enough for others to want to hear it, and successful enough to inspire people to keep their chins up and continue moving forward, even when what they desire most is to quit.

I’m grateful for the inspiration others have shared with me, and so I hope to pay it forward.  Also, I can’t lie. I once thought that paying it forward in that way would have to mean I actually reach that level of success in my career.

But as I’ve mentioned before, success doesn’t always look the way we think it should. And every journey is different. My journey—over the last year in particular—has been a roller coaster of ups and downs and sideways and circular motion that I would never have expected. With the recent announcement that my publisher is closing, I realize how distinctly unique my own story is becoming.

Whether I like it or not, I’m getting my wish.

This year, I’ve gone from aspiring author to agented, published author. And now I’m getting my rights back on that published book and there is a strong possibility that going Indie might be my next step. At the same time, I have other submissions out and other things in the works.

My story has officially become unique, and very different from any other I’ve heard. I have a diverse perspective from others, and something new to share and/or contribute to the world of aspiring authors.

I feel like I’m facing a hurricane, but somehow, as I squint into the wind, I can see the calm of a new horizon. And I understand that all of the best things come at a high price, just like the most precious metals are refined in a fire.

So yeah. It’s all good. I’m just building on my awesomely unique story so that someday, when people ask, I’ll be the one inspiring others to build their own story.

And seriously people, you can’t pay for this kind of experience.

What about you? How is your story unique?

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Michelle D. Argyle said...

It's so true that you can't pay for this kind of experience! I've gained so much by being with Rhemalda, even if it did end up the way it did. I might not ever be as successful as I was with them, but I can at least try. I wish you the best of luck, Nichole. :)