Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Support We All Need (also, some winners!)

I’ve done several contests lately. It’s because I have all this awesome stuff and am kind of dying to start sharing it. I suppose I should save some of it for the upcoming launch month and all that, but, uh, that’s two weeks away. And I have winners now! To that end, the winners of last week’s drawing are… drumroll…

Descendant swag pack:                Karlene Browning
Swag pack #2                              Roberta Hulse
Descendant e-book:                     Donna Nolan

Congratulations ladies! I’ll contact you this week for mailing addresses and all those details.

Also, last week I failed to mention that I am about to send out the bookmarks from the previous contest (which have been packaged and almost ready for several days).  I cannot get used to having our local post office close earlier than most. So if you’re wondering where those are, um, yeah. They’re still coming.  
On another subject, I’ve been thinking a lot about support. We all have people we depend on, who support us through…well, life. Good times (like launching a new book) and tragedy (horrible accidents/illnesses/disasters), our emotional ups and downs, and also, our in-between blahs.

(You know what those are, right? Those times when you’re not really up, and not really down, and you’re sort of spinning around and around and not going anywhere, and you need someone to give you a little shove and tell you to do something, and maybe give you advice on what kind of something.)

We all need these people in our lives. We need people who cheer for us and mourn with us and kick us in the behind. Ironically, the people who manage to show up for our moments might not be the ones we expect. Sometimes we’re hurt by those who choose not to show up, and other times we’re surprised by those we didn’t expect who do show up. But when all is said and done, we realize that despite everything else, and in spite of all outside circumstances and choices, those people who are there for our moments—they’re the people we most need to have with us at that given time.

Maybe they have a lesson to teach or a message to share, or maybe they are a better friend than you ever realized. Or maybe a little voice whispered in their ear and made them think of you—and then they listened.

We can never really predict these things, and that’s okay. So maybe we should learn to hold onto the sweet, let go of the bitter, and fully enjoy the miracle that occurs anytime someone graciously offers the gift of their support.

And this week I am so, so grateful, to everyone who has been a part of my miraculous journey. Thanks for supporting me by reading! 

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Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

This is beautiful! I love this: "Sometimes we’re hurt by those who choose not to show up, and other times we’re surprised by those we didn’t expect who do show up."

I get so hung up on that sometimes that I forget to be grateful for those who DO show up.