Friday, April 12, 2013

A Post about Kindness

There’s this very kind gentleman who works at a gas station near my house. I stop there for my morning Dr. Pepper after working out at the gym (don’t judge), and he talks to me, asks about my car/children/home/how things are going/the weather, and whatever else. He has taken the time to learn my name, and always smiles and says hello.  

Sadly, other than my family, this guy is sometimes the only actual person I talk to during the day. Sounds pathetic, I know, but we’re new in town, and I work from home. Sure, there are a few people. Other parents whose kids play sports with mine, people who work with my husband, people who attend our church. But other than in passing at those sports games or church/work meetings, I don’t do a lot of interacting with other grownups most of the time. At least, not to the degree I did in Utah.

This gas station attendant probably has no idea how much I enjoy chatting with him, or how he makes my days a little brighter. And I’m fine with that. But you know what? When I leave with my drink, I’m always smiling. And I think to myself that Texas isn’t such a lonely place as it sometimes seems.

We all have the ability to make a difference with small acts of kindness. It is within us to smile more, say hello, greet the people who cross our paths. We have the ability to make the world feel more friendly to someone else.

Today, I hope you will all be extra kind to one person. One is all it takes. And then stop by and tell me about it. 

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Josie Guzman said...

I know how that feels. I was in the service 3 years and then married to my husband who was also in the service. So as I am sure you know I have had to move around a lot! Its the worst they keep you in one place long enough to make friends and then...bam! You get orders and have to leave it all behind! It is difficult for me to be social and interact. People never know this about me. But it is truly something I have to mentally force myself to do! At times it has made great experiences and I have made life long friends and other times it ends in disaster! But I just remember the first relocation I had after living in California for 4 years. I was in a new city, knew no one had one car two small children and a husband who was only home on the weekends. I was starved for interaction! I prayed for a friend...felt so pathetic, but I knew I would not be let down. Two weeks later I met a friend. But it turned out to be a horrible experience. Then I met another, and that was worse then the first! I was at the end of my rope and so confused. Driving one day it dawned on me that it sometimes takes time and even though those friendships turned out bad, I tried I put myself out there and got out of my comfort zone. So I was really meant to learn that and not just be given a friend as I thought I so desperately needed.

Thank you for your thoughts I love reading your blog! And this is my first comment so sorry for it being so long! And I too share in the love of Dr. Pepper after a work out, so no judgement here!