Wednesday, February 6, 2013

You Are Adequate. No, Really, You Are!

I’ve been stuck lately. Seriously handicapped in my ability to create, because in a creative field like writing, everything I do, everything I produce, comes from inside of me. My head, my heart, my innermost-hidden soul. And, um, turns out, it’s hard to dig into my hidden soul when I’m trying so hard to just function in this entirely new environment.

It’s a problem.

I’ve tried a lot of tricks that have worked for me in the past. Working out. Going for a drive. Shopping. Long bubble baths. Walking on the beach (which is new, and usually the most inspiring thing I can think to do). Yeah. Not so much.

And then…

In cleaning off a shelf, I came across my to-be-read pile, the one that has grown enormously since I moved, due to the fact that I also haven’t done any reading. And I thought, “hey, can’t hurt.” I picked one by an author who has always inspired me to be a better writer, and I read a page. Then a chapter.

And I remembered all the reasons I am inadequate, all the reasons why I will never write something so amazing as what this author writes, and all the reasons why I should probably bury my head in the sand (now that I live by a beach) and quit.

Then I opened my computer and got back to work.

Because I also remembered that the reasons I will never write the way that author writes is because I am ME. And I can write something incredibly amazing and wonderful, but absolutely different from her. I have the ability to do great things and to be awesome, all by myself. And I am the only one who can figure out how to overcome my issues and be better, be artistic and profound and better than remarkable.

I can be adequate.

It’s my choice.

And yours. Choose to be adequate. And get back to work. 


Carolyn V said...

Just what I needed to hear Nichole! Great post!

Angie said...

Great job, Nichole. I hope you have your creativity fully flowing now.

L.T. Elliot said...

God, I miss you. Seriously. There is no one in the world like you. I know I didn't see you every day and we didn't hang out a ton but there is a serious VOID where you were.

On a happier note, you're MORE than adequate, Nichole. You have a power that only you have. You have a voice that's yours alone. You're so much better than you realize.

On a last note, I'd love to know which author inspires you like this. I'm always on the hunt for new, good books.

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Aww, beautifully said!

Maria Hoagland said...

I just had to comment because I've been feeling a little lost in my own new environment, moving almost opposite you--from Texas to Idaho. It's not always what I expected and it's difficult to find your place in a new land. I am struggling to find those new places that will inspire me--a treasure hunt of the heart and soul. Thanks for your reminder and best of luck to you as you adapt.