Friday, January 18, 2013

The Next Important Question

 Now that I have you thinking about the importance of asking why, let’s consider another very important question. What if?

What if asking why led you to consider new and uncharted possibilities?
What if you realized some of those possibilities could be just the road you need to take?
What if you took a chance?
What if that chance you took changed your life, as well as the lives of your family members?
What if it was hard and required a lot of sacrifice?
What if that hard thing meant good progress in the future?
What if that progress was something that taught your children or other loved ones about the importance of following their dreams?
What if they took that lesson and did something big?
What if your choices rippled on for generations?


What if that chance wasn’t right for you, but you learned from it anyway?
What if that wrong choice led you to another choice that could be the right one?
What if you learned a lot of important lessons along the way?
What if your loved ones saw you try and knew that your journey made you who you are?

What if your future, and theirs, was better because you took a chance on the possibility of what if?

Progress. Pass it on.

**For writers:  What if this question created an entire story. Conflict, character arcs, beginning, middle, end—all thrive on this question. Because in the world of fiction, reality stems from possibility. It’s how  good stories are created.

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