Friday, October 26, 2012

One Last Secret

So. Um. We’re still celebrating at our house. But it’s a different kind of celebrating than I did when all this happened. More like a holy-crap-what-did-we-get-ourselves-into? kind of celebrating. And a pack-your-entire-life-and-family-in-a-truck kind of celebrating.

Because people, the Giles family…


That’s right, y'all.  Portland, Texas, to be specific, which is right outside Corpus Christi. Best part?


We expect to be there just before Thanksgiving. Which means I will not be writing a novel this November, but I will totally be cheering on all my NaNoWriMo friends. So I’m dusting off my cowboy boots, donning my hat, and uncovering my long buried y'all drawl. Or, er, um. Okay, maybe I’m really just packing, but still. I’m SO. Excited.

Except the part where I have to leave behind people I love. That is not excitement. There will be many tears on moving day. (And hugs to all of you!)Remember how I told you all to do something big? Well. Yeah. This is kind of big, I think. Now it’s your turn, because after this, I’m going to need a long, long nap.

Now tell me. What new and exciting thing are you going to try this month? 


Rachel said...

WOW NIchole!! Good luck with the move. I hope it is easy and successful and NOT stressful :-)

L.T. Elliot said...

Congratulations, Nichole! I'm truly so happy for you and jealous of the beach. But I'll come visit some day and then you can share your slice of paradise with me. Hooray for new adventures!

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Oh my gosh! This is HUGE! I'm so happy for you, though! You sound so excited!