Friday, May 25, 2012

What if?

As seems to be my pattern lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about success and how to be successful in my career as a writer. I know I’m not the only person I know who is going through a strange and unsettling lull in life. You know that lull. Where you try and try and try and fight and fight and fight to cross a line or jump a hurdle or take another step and no matter what you do, you feel like you just. Can’t. Get. There.

But what if.

What if success isn’t a place.

What if success, like happiness, is a state of mind?

What if.

I’ve already made it to that place without even noticing?

What if?


Elana Johnson said...

Oooh, your "What if I've already made it to that place without even noticing?"

Chills, I have. What if you have?

Scary. And worth figuring out, and then noticing.

Angie said...

Great thought, Nichole. I really needed to here that today. =)

Carolyn V said...

That is something to think about! I guess as long as there is happiness and a purpose, that's success. ;)