Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Power

One of the reasons I write is to rid myself of situations in which I feel helpless. To give myself power to look at both the good side and the bad, and to give my characters power over situations in which they might otherwise have none.

Sometimes I really do hope to help someone—even if it’s just one person—finds his or her own power. Whether it’s the power to save the world or the power to defeat demons (real or imaginary). The power to find courage, or the power to give of themselves. The power to be strong, to make better choices, and to choose good over evil.

Is this my way of fighting back? Of taking control of things I can’t personally fix? Maybe. Do I think I can change the world? Sure. Why not.

Someone has to try.

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Angie said...

Of course you can change the world! I think that's one of the reasons I write, too. One of the reasons I want others to read what I write anyway. Thanks for everything, Nichole. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.