Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Favorites, Part II

One of my favorite memories from my childhood is the treat table my mother established during the week of Christmas. We didn’t actually sit down to meals on it, but there was always so much food. Chips and salsa, cheese ball and crackers, ham, rolls cheese. Of course, after a couple hours, those things ended up in the fridge rather than the table, and we were left with breads, cookies, candies, and other delicious, delectable treats.

Even after I grew up and moved out of my parents’ house and into one with my own family, the tradition continued. Whenever neighbors or friends or family members brought us a thoughtful yummy, on the table it would go.

As my kids have grown, our treat table has started being established in early December, sort of as a kickoff for the real Christmas season. So far, this year, we have a few minor things on our table. But there are always other great ideas of treats that would be a welcome addition to our other regulars.

Today’s topic: Treats
1. Orange sticks—because seriously. Who doesn’t need a little bit of chocolate during the holidays?

2. Gingerbread cookies—I’m not going to lie, I buy the Grandma’s brand.

3. Homemade caramels—No, I haven’t made these yet, but I’m going to. Soon.

4. Cinnamon Roasted Almonds—I make these too. SO GOOD.

5. Caramel Apple or Pumpkin bread.
6. Hard candies
7. A box of delicious chocolates
8. Chips and salsa (usually homemade, and these stay in the fridge)
9. Cheese ball and crackers (our favorite cheeseball is a seafood one)
10. Chocolate marshmallow Santa’s/snowmen.

What are your favorite treats at this time of year? Shall we add them to our table too?


Angie said...

Yummy! I need to get some orange sticks. I can't believe I forgot those!

L.T. Elliot said...

You listed a bunch of my favorites, already. =] One of my simple favs is just hot cocoa. Just sipping in front of the tree, watching the lights. Cozy. Comforting. Quiet.

Carolyn V said...

Oh my gosh! I think this is one of my favorite posts. I love food. And a treat table? Genius! Love it!