Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What Would You Do?

I have a dilemma. A few months ago, my fridge broke. So I called a repair guy, and he came out and, frowning, told us it has a leak in the coils. At the time, buying a new one seemed like an easy solution, as fixing the dang thing was going to cost about as much. But now I’m starting to wonder if we shouldn’t have just fixed it anyway.

Why? Well. Because, apparently, no one wants a fridge with leaky coils. Not the power company, or a used appliance place, the recycle company, or even the dump.

So even though it h as stainless steel doors, a working ice machine, and a compressor that’s less than a year old, it’s now this 26 cubic feet box of junk that no one wants, because it’s “not worth fixing.” And it’s taking up space in my garage.

When did we become a society of “throw it away and buy a new one” when something breaks? And what would you do with this enormous box of…um, non-refrigeration that no one wants?

I feel a story coming out of this. Perhaps it could be turned into a Bill and Ted style time machine. Or a rocket that could take a kid into space a-la Explorers. Or…what else?

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Angie said...

Bummer. When we got a new one, the furniture company hauled away our old one for us. Phew! I like the Bill and Ted idea.