Monday, October 10, 2011

October Give Back Giveaway!

I know I just did this a couple weeks ago, but I can’t help it. I loved hearing the results for my last charity-related giveaway, and this month is extra great, because there are so many great causes from which to choose. You, my readers, should know me by now. I believe in karma, and paying it forward, and also I believe that my personal success is absolutely dependent on my willingness to give of myself to people or causes in need.

Also, I like to see others give as well, which is what started this experiment in the first place. So, yes, I’m giving away another prize. Before we get to the details, though, let me tell you a little about my charity of choice for this week.

Clear Horizons Academy is a private school for children with Autism. By private, it means not-publically funded, which means all the money for treating these kids has to come from other sources. Most of the families with children enrolled in Clear Horizons are middle class working families who struggle with expensive tuition payments. Every year they hold a dinner and auction in an attempt to help raise funds which go toward the education of these very special children.

I’ve donated items to and attended the auction for several years, and intend to continue doing so for years to come. This year’s auction falls on Saturday, October 15th and once again, I will be there. (If you’re my friend on Facebook, you’ll be seeing pictures.)

This is the charity I’ve chosen for October. However, it is one of many great causes, and among great competition for worthwhile charitable events. October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month as well as Down Syndrome Awareness month, and I know there are countless small and simple causes, needs, and people whose special needs can be taken care of with just a little effort on our part.

*climbs off the soapbox and clears throat*

For this week’s give back giveaway, I have a paperback copy of Taken By Storm by Angela Morrison, accompanied by a signed bookmark for Angela’s other book, Sing Me to Sleep. To enter, I only have three requirements:

1. If you aren’t already following this blog, hurry up and do that. Invite your friends, too, if you like. I won’t complain.

2. Donate to a charity of your choice (but if you donate to the same one as me, I will be ever-so-grateful). **Donations do not have to be financial. Service to a greater cause is also acceptable. (Run a 5k, paint your neighbor’s house, donate food to the food bank, etc.)

3. Leave a comment here in which you tell me about the charity to which you donated, why you chose that particular one, and if possible, share a link that I can pass on to my readers.

This will be an on-your-honor giveaway, because I trust you. But just so you know, if you lie, Karma will send cold and flu germs through your computer where they will jump onto your hands and face and give you a nasty, icky sick-bug that will last at least a week. And fairies will hide your car keys so you’re late to your next important appointment.

You don't want to bring Karma down on your head. Just sayin.

I’ll keep this giveaway open until midnight on Saturday, October 15, 2011, and announce a winner sometime the following week.

Go forth and give, my friends. Eventually, it will come back to you.


Carolyn V said...

I'm giving blood to the Red Cross. If you donate once, it helps three people and can even save a life. So cool!

I love the charities you are donating too. Having a son with autism, I know how expensive not only the schooling can be, but also the medical bills. What a great thing to help out. ;)

Diana said...

Great contest, Nichole! I do follow your blog.
I hope this isn't lame (it's not a big charity event or anything), but it sure made my neighbors' day (and upcoming months). I gave a TON of diapers and baby food to a couple with a four month-old little girl. They were really surprised. It felt great.

The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

Neat blog post idea!

I've been giving service to a group of my neighbors, including one very dear elderly lady who has no family at all. I receive so much more in return than I give.