Friday, July 29, 2011

Everything I've Got

Guess what I’m doing tomorrow? I’m running (or maybe speed-walking) my first ever 5k. It’s called Coopers Run, which is a great cause, so of course I’m looking forward to it. Well, mostly.

First problem: I am not a runner. Never been a runner. Therefore, I will very probably be somewhat slow.

Granted, I spend a lot of time at the gym. Always have. And I have been running lately, which is why I was okay with this. But the truth is, running is not my favorite form of exercise. (And yes, believe it or not, I DO like to work out.)

Second problem: I will be running this 5k with a whole lot of police officers (and some wives) who happen to be my husband’s peers, and who are required to pass a twice-yearly physical fitness test which involves running. Some of these guys run marathons for fun on their days off. I am not joking.

Also, my two very athletic daughters, who will undoubtedly leave me in the dust from the beginning.

But again, I’m okay with this. Even if I get left behind and am the absolute last person to cross the finish line (which, FYI, I severely doubt. I’m in decent enough shape that I could walk it in a decent time), I will still be glad I did it. Because once I finish, I will do so knowing that I gave it my all.

That’s really the crux of everything, isn’t it? It doesn’t necessarily matter who gets there first, or who comes in last, or which of us stagger through somewhere in between, so much as it matters that we dedicate ourselves to a higher purpose and give it everything we’ve got.

It’s really the only way to be successful in this world.

Wish me luck!


Windy Aphayrath said...

good luck, chickadee! I'm so excited for you that you've buckled down and are trying this out!

Peggy Eddleman said...

I'm so with you about running! But you're right. It's all about giving all we've got to whatever we decide to do. Good luck with your race!

Bio said...

Good luck with the run. Save some energy for the 13th!

halo said...

Good luck Chickadee!

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Tamara Epps said...

I would say good luck but am sure that it is already too late so will simply say well done! I love how you explain what is important - the fact that we should put our effort in for ourselves and not judge ourselves in comparison to others, so very true.