Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Totally Random-ish Thoughts: Friendship

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship, and all the varieties and types of relationships that exist among friends. I could go off on how important it is to be a true friend who is always there and whose dedication is unconditional. And yes, having friends like that (and being one) is really important. (Believe me, it’s important. I wouldn’t know how to survive without certain people in my life.)

But I think it’s also important to have seasonal friends. You know which ones they are. They are really fun to know, and you spend some time with them, and you enjoy being around them. But when you really look, you realize they aren’t high on your priority list.

Then there are other friends who serve a purpose. Not people you’re using (because that sounds awful, and even if it’s true on some level, it’s not intentional) but who are there and kind of hold your hand and help you traverse certain roads that lead to career, or religion, or relationships, or whatever. If you move away, or change jobs or career paths or something, you might keep track of them on FB or Twitter, but you won’t go to great lengths to hang out.

It’s sometimes hard to know which role is being played by which person at any given time, but I realize it doesn’t matter. As time passes and life changes and people grow older, or closer, or apart—the most important ones stick around, the less important ones drift away, and the purposeful ones fulfill their mission in your life, and then you all go on your merry way.

Regardless of which type of friend a person is, though, I think they always deserve the most and the best you can give of yourself. Because people come into your life for a reason. We almost never know what that reason is, and if we were to try and guess, we’d most likely be way off. So maybe it’s just better to accept that they’re supposed to be there, give our all into our different brands of relationships, and learn from everyone we meet.

Because relationships of all kinds are the stuff of real life and fiction and everything in between.

And that, my friends, is totally random thought Wednesday!


WindyA said...

What a great post! Definitely I think people's roles in our lives are fluid and they change over time. I've learned that has a lot to do not only with how they play into our lives, but what they have going on in their own lives and how we fit into that. For sure, above all that, though, I think a friend, no matter what, deserves the best and most we can give them whenever they need us.

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Great thoughts from both Nichole and WindyA. I completely agree. Even the friends who have only been a part of my life for a small portion of time stand out when I think of those time periods. But the ones who stick around . . . that I may only see once a year or talk on the phone with ever few months - it's like no matter how long it's been since our last visit or phone conversation, it was just the other day. We instantly fall back into sync and talk, talk, talk.

No matter what type of friendship it is, its meant to be cherished, valued, and enjoyed. I'm so grateful for all my friends - past and present.