Monday, December 20, 2010

One Last Winner!

What? You say I ran a contest? It ended when? Oh yes. That’s right. It ended Friday.

No, I did not forget. I’m giving away this fantastic prize. What was it again? Oh right.

A stamped copy of MOCKING JAY and a National Book Festival tote bag. Oh. Rightrightrightrightright. (Ala Jerry Seinfeld, in case you missed that.)

Fine. I won’t torture you any longer. Give me a few minutes to tally my list and run the numbers through the Random Generator (see the sidebar, handy little gadget if I do say so).

Drum roll please…

And the winner is…

Christine Bryant!


Congratulations! I will be emailing you soon to get all the important info so I can get this prize in the mail. Thanks for playing, all! It’s been a great month. Stay tuned. You never know when I’ll have the urge to give stuff away all over again. I have a collection of signed giveaway prizes. Just sayin.


C. K. Bryant said...

YAY for me!! Thanks Nichole. You're awesome!!!

Janet Johnson said...

Congrats Christine! Very lucky of you. :) And thanks Nichole for the fun contest!