Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sprinting to the Finish

In case you’re wondering about my NaNo project, I’m just about to hit 40,000 words, and the month is only halfway over. This is both a good and bad thing. Good, because it appears that I will definitely make it to that 50,000 word mark. Bad because even then, in order to get to the end, I’m afraid I’ll have to keep going at this pace until at least the end of the month.

That’s a lot of work. If you’re wondering how this has happened (the word count thing), two words:

Sprint writing.

Yeah. Sometimes in the form of a race, during which a whole bunch of authors take a designated time slot and write until our fingers practically catch fire. Other times it’s in the Twittersphere (see sidebar link to become a follower and join in) using the #1k1hr hashtag and involving anyone who wants to join in an attempt to write, well, 1,000 words in an hour.

However I do it, sprint writing works for me because it forces me to dive into the story, whether I want to or not. This creates situations in which my characters make discoveries and lead me on a journey I might otherwise have missed. And so far, I’m pretty happy with my story.

How are you doing with the project you’re working on? What works best for you and what keeps you going?

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David J. West said...

That rocks Nichole, I'm quite behind myself.

WindyA said...

It must be because you were on vacation this weekend, because I did not write nearly as much as I usually do and I was practically hibernating from Twitter.

Yay, looking forward to some #amwriting and #1k1hr tonight!

lotusgirl said...

Wow. That a lot of words. I may have to do me some sprint cleaning. My numbers are really low.

Angela Felsted said...

Wow, you are a super-fast writer.

Angie said...

Good job, Nichole! I have no doubt you will get to the end of your story. I haven't been writing at all this month! (Unless you count working on the script for my choir concert.) I've been typing and revising. I think I can start a new project this week or maybe next though. Good luck on your sprint to the finish!

P.S. I loved The Sharp Edge of a Knife!

Taffy said...

I'm @ 30K I had to take four days off because I didn't have a computer. But I'm back in the NaNo saddle again.
Good job on your #'s!

kbrebes said...

Hey, Nichole. I just read your 1st chapter of Sharp Edge, plus interview. I loved it! It's on my list to buy!