Friday, August 27, 2010

Speak, Act, Do

On Wednesday I talked about making progress on my most recent project. I’m allowing others help push me to finish—because, you know, we could all use a little push now and again.

One of the things I’ve learned in the last few years is that writing, just like with everything else in life, you have to first decide you’re going to do it, then act on that decision and follow through. Sounds easy, right? But not always.

I can think I want to do it, tell myself I’ll do it tomorrow, or on another day or whatever, but it’ll never get done if I don’t actually sit down and, well, get to work. Correct? Procrastination is my enemy. So I make a goal, figure out what needs to happen in order for me to reach that goal, and then get to work.

It’s more than just working through a list, though. It’s allowing myself to sometimes be distracted and then finding other time to catch up. It’s failing every so often (aka rejections or setbacks), but not allowing those small failures to cripple me. It’s about learning how to aim high, higher than I ever imagined in my wildest childhood daydreams.

Writing and life are both about growth of self aren’t they? And no one can reach my personal goals but me.

Speaking of goals, I should get back to work. The end of summer is rushing in like a hurricane. How are you doing with your goals for the summer?


Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

I accomplished my huge goal this summer, thank goodness! Get Cinders out there. It's doing well, and I'm happy I finished it. Now there's other things looming overhead, and I'm hoping I can get them finished as well. It's always something. Don't forget to reward yourself for what you do get done!

Angie said...

Nice post, Nichole! So true. I had a pretty good summer. I finished my novel, wrote a love song, wrote a Christmas story, and now I've started a novella. Funny, my verification word is novell. Anyway, best of luck on finishing your project!