Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Little Bit of Brain Vomit

During a recent discussion with some friends, I realized something. People—no matter what we have in common—all have different needs. Some of those needs are similar, food, water, shelter, love. But everything else is absolutely unique for each individual. We need different things out of relationships, different things out of our jobs or careers, different things from our children or spouses or other people in our lives.

In the same vein of thought, each person in our life needs something different from us. Even down to our children. The needs of one child might be completely different from another, whether you have four, or seven, or twelve. Because we are all individuals. So very different.

And yet.

Each one of us has a purpose. A reason why we’re here on earth. An ultimate goal that extends far beyond what we could ever see, even if we lived to be 150 years old.

Unfortunately, we don’t usually know what that purpose is. Nor do we know the purpose for other people in our lives. We’re all just there for each other.


I don’t even think we always know what we want out of life, let alone our life purpose. But that’s okay, isn’t it? Because that’s what life’s about. Right?

Well. That’s what I think. It’s about figuring out where we want to be, then making goals and reaching for them. It’s about bettering not only ourselves, but those around us too. It’s about learning how to love and be loved, and how to appreciate and make use of all the billions of trillions of different types of love we experience in life.

It’s about using all those types of love to fill needs. To be of service to others and to make the world a better place.

You know what I mean? Yeah. I think you do. Okay. Off my profound soapbox of brain vomit now. Carry on.


Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

That didn't seem like vomit to me...

I agree all the way. One person's goals and dreams don't constitute the worth or relevance of another person's goals and dreams. It's wonderful that we can all follow our own paths yet be there for each other during the different journeys!

Rebecca said...

I completely agree. That's the hardest part of being a mother for me, to try to give each person in my family, including me, what they need emotionally and otherwise. What helps (when I remember to do it) is to pray for help recognizing what those things are.

David J. West said...

Brain vomit? Nah.

Oh and Sorry about all those Chinese comments I've been leaving you lately.