Monday, March 22, 2010

The Value of Words

For some reason, the subject of words and the way we use them has been coming up for me a lot lately. I’m not just talking about in writing, although, our style of word usage in writing has the potential to make or break us, depending on our choices. What about in other things? In conversation, vocal thoughts, arguments, emails, text. Blogs.

Sometimes when I blog I’ll have good friends question my words. Why did you blog about this? What’s going on in your life that would make you think about passion / obsession / emotion (etc)? These questions tell me that I’ve written something thought provoking to the person who is asking. Something that has hit a nerve or sensitive spot in that particular person and makes them go, hey, I can identify with that and now I wonder…

But not only that, when people ask me about particular blogs, I have cause to take a step back and wonder how the world views my words differently from how I mean them to be taken. Sometimes it can be for the good, sometimes for the bad. But the truth is words are rarely taken at face value.

The things we say or write—much the same as in the choices we make—affect other people. I think, for the most part, I try to write things that will help others or at the very least contribute something of value to blog readers everywhere. And then, I try to live by those words. You know, the whole clichéd practice what you preach thing.

In this process, I often end up helping myself as much as anyone. Huh. Imagine that. So, not only have my words become a value to others, but they’re also an asset to me.

What are your thoughts about the value of words?

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David J. West said...

I could not disagree with ya's words more. Mr. Sparkle will not give the "lucky best wash you can get"

As you were saying Nichole, words are important-I often cringe at how I throw comments and blog posts out there-how bad does that reflect on my writing?

On the other word verification is mouseleg?

L.T. Elliot said...

Words are such weighty things to me. I feel like you do, like I end up helping myself more through writing than anyone else (although I can hope that someone gets something out of it). For the most part, I try to uplift. Sometimes that doesn't happen. Sometimes, I just have to be honest and that's when it gets raw and strange and I usually don't post. ;)

Nichole Giles said...

Sorry about that, people. =) Spam comment removed due to virus-possible linkage. Sheesh, I hate those things.

Anyway, David, I don't think typing errors in blog comments reflect badly on you at all. The fact that you comment at all proves that you're a faithful, diligent blog reader, for which the blog authors are grateful. =)

And L.T., I agree. I sometimes wonder if my posts are too raw, and I worry. But those posts are usually the ones most commented on--in person and in the bloggosphere. Interesting, huh?

Anyway, you're always uplifting to me, so job well done.