Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Moving, Vacation, Signings, and Prizes for a Giveaway

Just popping in to let you all that I returned from vacation alive, rested, and happy. However, it is now officially moving week for my family.
The Caribbean Sea as seen from my own eyes.

Why yes, yes we did just move. In August. BUT that was from Texas to Utah, and I'll spare you the longer explanation by saying that we found and bought a house (we are not fans of renting), and we are now moving into that house to make this the last move EVER. Or, you know, until I'm a little old lady who can no longer get up and down stairs or whatever.

I am very excited about the house and the office in which I plan to finish a plethora of projects that are chilling on my computer waiting to be completed.

While I was gone, Water So Deep surpassed a milestone review goal, and because of that, I think a giveaway will be necessary. I picked up a beautiful jewelry set in the Caribbean, except, um, well... my husband sort of packed it away in a box yesterday, and we have about half of what we own at our new house, and half at the old house. So it might be a couple of days before I find it. So please be patient. I haven't forgotten the giveaway, just postponed it until I can actually find the prize!

But here's a hint. The more of my books you've reviewed (and the more places you've reviewed them) the more opportunities you'll have to win.

What else? The LDStorymakers writer's conference is coming up in May, and I am working hard to help that come together. Really excited to see all my writing friends. And also there will be a massive signing that includes a whole lot of fabulous authors--including yours truly. This will be my first signing since the release of Water So Deep, so if you want a chance to get a signed hard copy of it, plan to attend that on May 16 at the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo, Utah. (No ticket required.) Time to be determined, but I'll let you know.

Okay, now that I've caught you all up on what I'm doing, what fun things are you doing this spring?

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