Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Interesting and Thought Provoking? Not today.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is spring break for our school district here in Utah, so I'm taking this week off from blogging, and writing, and, well, from every day life, actually.

You'll probably notice that I do this every few months for a few days. I think it's because being creative (aka writing novels) while also running a household can be exhausting, and when my brain is too full and overwhelmed, the creativity just stops flowing. It severely hiders my ability to produce quality work--or any work at all sometimes.

So when I vacation, I leave my computer behind. (Or, more accurately, I leave it in my suitcase where I can get to it if I absolutely need it--let's be real, here.)

In lieu of an interesting / thought provoking post to read, please accept this as my contribution to livening your spirits.

Happy spring! 

*PS I'm participating in a blog tour on Monday where readers will have an opportunity to enter to win an Amazon gift card. Be sure to stop by!

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