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Catch Me When I Fall Blog Tour: An Excerpt

Guys! There are some things I love about being an author, and one of those things is the amazing people I get to interact with who are also authors. This week, I am helping my agency sister, Vicki Leigh, to celebrate the release of her debut book, Catch Me When I Fall.

Don't miss out on the chance to enter Vicki's contest for the My Worst Nightmare blog hop. 

Here is an awesome excerpt: 

“Kayla, I’d like for you to stay a minute.” When the others had filed out of the room, Dr. Malcolm closed the door and sat across from Kayla. “You were pretty shaken up last night, so I didn’t have a chance to get much information from you. I’d like you to tell me what happened.”“It was another dream.”“The same as last time?”Kayla nodded. “I grabbed the gun and tried to shoot him, but I kept missing. Then he burst into flames, just how I… wanted him to.”
Dr. Malcolm paused, calculating her response. “You mean, just how you remember?”Kayla’s eyes fell to the floor.Dr. Malcom sighed. “Kayla, we’ve talked about this. You need to start believing that what you thought you saw was your brain’s way of protecting you during the attack —”“I know what I saw!” Kayla yelled. She gripped the seat of her chair and fought the tears that pooled in the bottom of her eyes.
Dr. Malcolm spoke calmly. “This is why you’re here, Kayla. What you saw was your mind’s reaction to what that man did to you. As soon as you come to terms with this, the dreams will stop feeling so real and you can move past the pain.”The word “attack” brought up memories from my past I’d tried to forget. I’d died saving two women from the brutality of savage men. By the way Kayla’s face looked right now, I was positive I knew where this was going, what happened to her. Having heard enough, I balled my hands into fists, closed my eyes and evaporated to Rome.Tabbi was awake when I arrived, though my sudden appearance startled her. “Jeez, Daniel. You could’ve at least knocked.”“Sorry.” I sat in the chair next to her bed and tried to appear unfazed. “How are you feeling?”“Better. Trishna did a good job healing me, but Bartholomew wants to keep me one more night until he’s certain I can return to work.” She squinted at me. “What’s wrong?”Damn. Can’t hide anything from her. “When you read Kayla’s mind, did you read all of it?”
Tabbi scrunched her small nose. “Well, yeah. It is my job to know my charge.” She spoke like I was stupid to forget. I would’ve smiled if my heart wasn’t already consumed with anger.
“Then you saw what happened to her the night she was attacked.”Tabbi frowned. “Yeah.”“Was she raped?”Tabbi shook her head. “Here. Let me show you what happened.” She held her hand out to me.Since I was Tabbi’s partner in protecting Kayla, I could see what she saw in Kayla’s mind once I linked hands with her. The connection was part of the supernatural bond we’d created with Kayla when we performed our ritual the first day we were assigned to her. I grabbed Tabbi’s hand and closed my eyes. Within seconds, I was in Kayla’s head, seeing through her eyes and feeling her emotions. I had become Kayla.

Genre: young-adult, urban-fantasy, paranormal-romance

Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press

Date of Release­­: October 23, 2014

Cover Artist: Conzpiracy Digital Arts

About Catch Me When I Fall:

Recruited at his death to be a Protector of the Night, seventeen-year-old Daniel Graham has spent two-hundred years fighting Nightmares and guarding humans from the clawed, red-eyed creatures that feed off people’s fears. Each night, he risks his eternal life, having given up his chance at an afterlife when he chose to become a Protector. That doesn’t stop a burnt-out Daniel from risking daring maneuvers during each battle. He’s become one of the best, but he wants nothing more than to stop.

Then he’s given an assignment to watch over sixteen-year-old Kayla Bartlett, a clinically depressed patient in a psychiatric ward. Nightmares love a human with a tortured past. Yet, when they take a deep interest in her, appearing in unprecedented numbers, the job becomes more dangerous than any Daniel’s ever experienced. He fights ruthlessly to keep the Nightmares from overwhelming his team and Kayla. Soon, Daniel finds himself watching over Kayla during the day, drawn to why she’s different, and what it is about her that attracts the Nightmares. And him.

A vicious attack on Kayla forces Daniel to break the first Law and reveal his identity. Driven by his growing feelings for her, he whisks her away to Rome where others like him can keep her safe. Under their roof, the Protectors discover what Kayla is and why someone who can manipulate Nightmares has her in his sights. But before they can make a move, the Protectors are betrayed and Kayla is kidnapped. Daniel will stop at nothing to save her. Even if it means giving up his immortality.

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About The Author:
Adopted at three-days-old by a construction worker and a stay-at-home mom, Vicki Leigh grew up in a small suburb of Akron, Ohio where she learned to read by the age of four and considered being sent to her room for punishment as an opportunity to dive into another book. By the sixth grade, Vicki penned her first, full-length screenplay. If she couldn’t be a writer, Vicki would be a Hunter (think Dean and Sam Winchester) or a Jedi. Her favorite place on earth is Hogwarts (she refuses to believe it doesn’t exist), and her favorite dreams include solving cases alongside Sherlock Holmes.

Vicki is an editor for Month9Books and Curiosity Quills Press, an intern at TriadaUS Literary agency, and is represented by Sarah Negovetich of Corvisiero Literary Agency.

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