Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Reveals, Releases, and Really Great Friends

A couple weeks ago, I was able to spend a few amazing days with four women who are my best friends in the world. The trip started as a Christmas gift from one person’s husband and then snowballed into a full-blown all-in FAB 5 hoorah: Destination San Antonio, Texas.

In the few days they were here, we did a lot of fun things, including making the very long trek to my house and the nearby beach. But the thing that struck me most—the thing that always strikes me—is that when the five of us get together, it doesn’t matter what we do. Whether we’re treated like royalty in a five-star resort, or stranded overnight in a hotel in an unsavory city because we missed our connecting flight trying to get to that resort, we are always happy to each be in the company of the others.

When the weekend arrived and my friends had departed, I drove home feeling a glow of happiness that can only come from spending time in the company of other women, and I found myself thinking, hoping. Friendships like ours are increasingly rare.

It is my grandest hope that someday my daughters will be as lucky as I have been and build the kind of friendships that fill in the spaces and gaps in each other’s lives. The kind of sisterhood that should be shared, and maybe used in a story someday.

Do you have a unique relationship with someone? Would you write about it?


Guys. I know this has been a LONG time in coming. But I finally have a release date for BIRTHRIGHT! Mark your calendars for May 1st, because—hopefully—it should be available for purchase from all your favorite bookstores on that day (and if you're coming to the LDStorymakers conference in Logan, UT in April, I plan to have a FEW advance copies).

But…but…you haven’t seen the cover yet, right? How will you know what it looks like? Don’t worry. The cover is coming very soon. Like, probably in the next few weeks soon. As in…check back on or around *April 10th, when I will be posting both the cover and also a teaser chapter to whet your appetites. Between now and then, expect updates, signups for events and/or contests, and any changes or other news. 

See you soon! 

*Date subject to change, but let's hope it doesn't!


Michelle D. Argyle said...

Exciting about BIRTHRIGHT! And hopefully your daughters will always have that in you, as well as other friends.

J.R. Johansson said...

AWESOME! Can't wait to see it! And I'm glad it sounds like you had so much fun!