Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Half-way Failed

So remember how at the beginning of the month I was all excited and had big plans for NaNoWriMo? And remember how I was all gung-ho about drafting book 3 in the DESCENDANT series this month?

Well. In case you’re wondering how it’s going, it’s not.

Let me explain: Kids with the flu, husband out of town, other stressful drama, late nights, early mornings, and a complete lack of inspiration=no words.

Well, I mean, I have like 3100 and change, but…it’s the 12th. I should realistically have 24,000+.

I’ve never started NaNoWriMo and not finished. Never not written the expected 50,000 words. And guess what? I don’t plan to give up now.

What? You don’t think I can do it? I’m really very behind, and this week, I will be leaving town for five days—five more days of no writing. I’ve half-way failed, and yet…I still have hope. I know I can do it. Don’t ask me why or how, but after having written an number of books already, and having won NaNoWriMo each time I’ve participated before, I’m fairly certain I can actually still do it.

This year it may come down to me writing furiously at 11:00 pm on November 30th to finish at the very last second, but—I believe I have it in me.

I believe I’m up to the challenge.

What about you? What’s your most difficult challenge these days?


Sarah Negovetich said...

I haven't written a word since last Wednesday and am also way behind on my word count. I'm still hoping to pull it all, but I think I'll be pulling some all-nighters with you. ;)

Nichole Giles said...

Oh my. It's good to know I'm not alone in my inability, and yet...wishing you luck! Because I am seriously going to need some myself.

Michelle D. Argyle said...

I'm still in the kerfuffle of dealing with the aftermath of Rhemalda closing and getting all my books up and going again. It has been a LOT stuff more than I was expecting. A lot more problems. A lot more everything except payoff. But I will just keep chugging along, I suppose, until it's all done. I keep asking myself what it would be like to write again ... lol. I know you can do this! Keep us posted. :)